ICEB2022 Session Overview (HK Time Zone)

HK Time

10/14/2022 Friday =(X)

10/15/2022 Saturday =(Y)

10/16/2022 Sunday =(Z)

HK Time 09:00 --





“Post-Pandemic E-Business: Meeting New Research Challenges”

Prof. Matthieu Guitton
(Canada Thursday 21:00-22:20)
Chair: Peter Ractham




“Information Loss and Bias in Likert Survey Responses”

Prof. J. Chris Westland
(USA Friday 20:00-21:20)
Chair: Benjamin Yen


Z1-Aa: E-learning and COVID-19
15/15b, 21,21, 66/66, 102/102
Chair: Hsin-Lu Chang


Z1-Ba: New technology adoption and diffusion (I)
PID: 43/43* c, 76/76, 79/79, 92/92
Chair: William Y.C. Wang

HK Time 10:30 --


X2-A: COVID pandemic e-business issues (I)
PID: 2/2b, 30/30* c, 47/47*, 89/89

Chair: Keng Leng Siau


X2-B: Big data analytics and business intelligence
8/8, 50/50, 54/54, 99/99
Chair: Albert Huang

Y2-A: E-healthcare and gerontechnology (I)
14/14b, 56/56, 98/98
Chair: Siriluck Rotchanakitumnuai


Y2-B: Virtual communities and social commerce
68/68, 97/97
Chair: Victor J.C. Chen

Z2-A: Digital marketing and consumer behavior (I)
1/1, 6/6, 10/10, 91/91
Chair: Xiaoyu Xu


Z2-B: New technology adoption and diffusion (II)
12/12, 17/17, 40/40, 71/71
Chair: Timon C. Du

HK Time 12:00 --13:20

X3-A: COVID pandemic e-business issues (II)
24/24, 34/34, 61/61*
Chair: Yue Guo


X3-B: Strategies and models of e-business
32/32, 62/62, 101/101
Chair: Allen Au

Y3-A: E-healthcare and gerontechnology (II)
45/45, 73/73, 87/87, 93/93
Chair: John Hamilton


Y3-B: Interdisciplinary issues
48/48, 55/55, 78/78
Chair: Pimmanee Rattanawicha


Z3-A: Digital marketing and consumer behavior (II)
16/16, 25/25, 39/39, 95/95
Chair: Pei Lee Teh


Z3-B: Digital transformations in enterprises
13/13*, 22/22, 81/81, 94/94
Chair: Michael Chau

HK Time 13:20 --14:10

Lunch break

Lunch break

Lunch break

HK Time 14:10 --15:30




“An Editor’s Perspective of Information Systems Research”

Prof. Robert Davidson  
(HK 14:10-15:30)
Chair: Eldon Li

Y4-A: ESG and public issues
27/27, 69/69, 70/70
Chair: Ibrahim M. Al-Jabri


Y4-B: Cross-border e-commerce
11/11, 18/18, 29/29
Chair: Chong Guan

Z4-A: Finance-related issues (I)
PID: 5/5, 7/7, 36/36
Chair: She-I Chang


Z4-B: HRM-related issues (I)
49/49, 74/74, 82/82
Chair: Wei-Hsi (Frank) Hung

HK Time 15:40 --17:00

X5-A: Supply chain management and e-logistics
PID: 42/42, 60/60, 63/63
Chair: Benjamin Yen


X5-B: Social media and social computing
35/35, 41/41# c, 75/75, 84/84
Chair: Thurasamy Ramayah




“Opportunities and Challenges in the Age of Artificial Intelligence”

Prof. Alain Y.L. Chong
(HK 15:40-17:00)
Chair: Patrick Chau

Z5-A: Finance-related issues (II)
4/4, 9/9, 77/77, 100/100
Chair: Stuart Orr


Z5-B: HRM-related issues (II)
20/20, 57/57, 72/72, 86/86
Chair: Ravi Sharma


HK Time 17:10 --18:30




Post-Pandemic E-Business: The Importance of Uncertainty, Culture & Leadership”

Prof. Chris Rowley
(UK 10:10-11:30)
Chair: Peter Ractham

Y6-A: Smart cities and Internet of Things
38/38, 44/44, 65/65, 85/85
Chair: Honglei Li


Y6-B: Smart homes and smart technologies
28/28, 46/46, 80/80
Chair: Davit Marikyan




Z6-A: Digital marketing and consumer behavior (III)
58/58, 59/59, 67/67, 83/83
Chair: Vandana Ahuja


Z6-B: E-entrepreneurship and innovations
37/37, 52/52*, 64/64
Chair: Savvas Papagiannidis

>>> Please join Session Z6-A at 18:30 for the Closing Ceremony.


a.     A and B indicate the ZOOM meeting rooms. For session details, please see the section of “ICEB 2022 Paper Sessions in the Program Book.

b.     The PID in this table is linked with the paper, as pdf/doc, PDF file (left side) or DOC file (right side). The DOC file is an update of the PDF file. Please try both links to download the paper.

c.      # indicates the best paper; * indicates an outstanding paper.




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Password: (sent to you by email)



ICEB 2022 ZOOM Conference Information


We hope you are looking forward to ICEB2022 virtual conference in a few days! Please find below some useful information about the conference.



Each meeting room will be open at 8:30AM everyday during OCT 14-16 (Friday-Sunday), 2022. Hence, participants can enter the zoom room right after 8:30 AM each day. The session chairs and presenters of that day could enter before 8:50AM for preparation.


Participants who got the link can enter the sessions with the password during the whole day event. They are free to come and go. After entering the room, please turn off your audio and only turn it on and off when you are asking questions during the Q&A period.


The session chairs and presenters of a session can enter the room 5 minutes or earlier before their session START TIME (HK Time) for preparation. They can use ZOOM Chat function to communicate without disturbing the meeting.




The payment process for registration and publication fees is open until OCT 13, 2022. Please email the Secretariat at if you need any assistance.


Dress code


Presenters should dress professionally before the camera as your face and background will appear on the screen. Screenshots of the participants in each presentation session will be taken and shared after the conference.


Video recording


During the ZOOM meeting, video recording will be turned off. However, both audio and video interaction modes should be turned on to allow physical identification. If you want to take video recording of your presentation, please set up the camera yourself or have someone stand by you to do it for you.


Presentation times


Each session normally has 4 presentations and each presentation is allocated 20 minutes (15 for presentation and 5 for Q&A). Session with 3 or less papers will have longer discussion time. Please ensure to observe the times and enter the ZOOM meeting room on time.


On the ZOOM meeting screen, the host must turn on “Multiple participants can share simultaneously” option using the up-arrow on the “Share Screen” button. A presenter can open the PowerPoint slides and click the “Share Screen” button to share the slides and make an oral presentation, just as if we are all in a physical meeting room.


If you are the first time ZOOM user, please review the videos to familiarize yourself with the software at



No shows


Please note that all presenters are expected to present their work in person. In case of no-shows, papers will be removed from the formal proceedings even if you have paid the publication fee, and no refund will be honored. If you cannot make it to the conference due to an emergency event, please inform the Secretariat at HKU as soon as possible to retain the publication privilege.


On-line Conference Program & Papers


We are aiming to undertake a sustainable conference. Please visit the link below to access the Program Book, the conference papers, and plan your attendance.


Certificate of Presentation


As a presenter, your name is listed in the section of “ICEB 2022 Paper Presenters” to prove your attendance. If you still require a certificate of presentation please email your request with Paper ID to Prof. Eldon Li at [email protected]. The certificate will be prepared and emailed to you after the conference.